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26 November 2008

The Perfect Gift

First of all I would like to introduce Oopsie. She is the first feltie I have ever made. I'm sure somewhere in my childhood I may have made a felt finger puppet but nothing to this magnetude. It was inspired by Elsie Flannigan's Felties, Peter Pan and Wild Things.
Her name is Oopsie because I messed up sooooo many times. But she still has that lovely feeling.
Anyway what I wanted to share with you is that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with it comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two of the busiest shopping days ever. Why? Because of the sales of course. I am participating in The Perfect Gift (KC ETSY) Sale in my etsy shop.

So be sure to check my sale out. You can find the other members of KC Etsy's The Perfect Gift Sale by searching "KCETSYSALE" at
Every item you see in my shop that has this logo will be included in the sale, here's the won't know until 12am Friday morning, what those items are!! It gives an old school "Rise and Shine" feeling to that Black Friday Shopping. ('s online woowhoo!)
So keep an eye out. More to come!!
Also..I want to say a Very Big Happy Birthday to my bestie..Chelsey Renee Davault..who is 23 today. Love you.