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25 November 2008

Daniel Leigh..

I had a fantastic weekend with my very close friend Daniel Leigh:

We watched my favourite film, Beetlejuice..and we also watched (can you believe he's not seen) FERRIS BUELLERS DAY OFF. We laughed alot. Went to the town centre for a while because we were having out lights switch on. Took James some treats and hot cocoa. Came home and played guitar.

Our time together is always filled with talking, hugs and kisses. And super ideas. He came up with a promo idea for his band. And I've been filling my head with ideas all week anyway. He always encourages me to better than ever. For the brief 3 days, he made me feel so normal. I only felt crappy 3 times, and it wasn't like "I'm going to bed." it was so much more milder, my mind was off of pain and feeling sick.

Yes..I started..

365. I am so excited about this. But I am also a lil worried I won't keep up haha!

Hey all I have super cute brooches in my Etsy. And I'm getting ready to add some more jounrals..AND a SUPER DOOPER SURPRISE!! A girt that I am dedicating to "Kc Etsy: The Perfect Gift" which will be on sale on Friday this weekend!! And another item on Cyber Monday. Woo!

I am totally beat.
Peace and love.