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14 December 2008


For everyone's information, this inspiration post actually started just as thing jumbling in my head. All photos are googled. Googling is VERY inspiring!

Handmade Wallets! I am going to be making some, woop woop!!

Cuddle Fish. I watch soooo many documentaries. Right now I'm watching one on ANTS. Ha. anyway if you haven't seen a Cuddle Fish hypnotised it's prey, you must youtube it. It's probablt one of the more amazing things I've ever seen. They are very intelligent creatures. And kind of cute.

Ok I also watched a couple documentaries on TIGERS. Well then it got me thinking about the Lion Tiger hybrid..LIGER. They are huge. They are prett mich my favourite animal.

My Cupcake candles in my shop are selling fast. Mmm. I am going to make alot more, for Christmas presents and my shop. Cupcakes are for life!! Hehe. I love to burn these it smells soooo chocolatey! <3

These felties are so cute. I made an owl today..for someone..hehe. You'll see soon. I would be showing you all this..but I'm downstairs on my Dad's laptop. Mine is upstairs.

I feel very blue.