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10 December 2008

Daniel Leigh

One very inspiring person to me is Daniel Leigh. He is currently residing in London. I met Daniel when I was 15. I booked his band Sound Sculpture to play at the White Horse in High Wycombe, Bucks, England. I saw his talent that very night and continued to book his band in London and surrounding areas.

Since then I've discovered he has many talents. It seems like every time I turn around he's doing something new and working on something old. Unlike most people Daniel invests his time in projects from start to end and perfecting them along the way.

He is a writer and working on two novels, one of which is close to being finished. His writing relfects his great appreciation for life and every day things that inspire us. He takes from experience in life, the world(even galaxy) around us and also from observing people.

He is most well known for being a musician. From 2002 - 2007 he was the lead man in popular UK band Days in December.

Currently he is in two bands, New Device..

He also has a solo career..

Have a listen and keep an eye out for great things to come out of Mr. Leigh.

Now on to how he inspires me. Not only is he in incedible artist, musician and writer. He is a great friend. I've known Daniel for over 8 years now and with each year things get better and better. At first we had our time of silence but never since can silence even exist between us!

He encourages me to reach for high goals and follow my dreams. When I started painting he told me to paint more. When learnt guitar he listened, critiqued and taught me. When I started my etsy shop he encouraged me to put more stuff out there.

When I listen to his music I can see him on stage. Many times when he's been to my house to stay for the weekend (our long running tradition!!) he sits in my living room, plays his guitar and sings to me. Just hearing him sing and seeing his face whilst he does it makes me want to pick up my guitar.

We have such good times together. Going to church, hanging out, watching movies etc. Sometimes, we sit and watch documentaries and on commercials talk about all our ideas and other times we sit in my office and talk for hours. Maybe even laugh for hours too.

The reason I say this is because every day after he's mind is in overdrive and I'm inspired to create and work for hours. What comes of it..the next time he's up I have so much to tell him about what I've sold etc!!

These paintings are inspired by him:

Anyhow this post is getting looong and I'm getting tired!!

You can find those paintings in my shop.

Peace!! ox