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27 January 2009


In my brief moments of energy I managed to make a few products, re-photograph some, and update my shop. I'm still in a lot of pain radiating from my throat to my tongue, to my teeth to my ears and cheeks. I also had a diddle around on some friends etsy's to see what's going on.

These awesome polaroid albums that Leigh-Ann from I personally have had polaroid cameras in the past and I think they make some of the coolest photos! However, in this digital age I don't have many if any prints anymore unless I order them. Well you can change digital photos to polaroid prints by doing them on POLARDROID! They would look oh so cute in this album!

The RVA shop is getting closer and closer to opening! You can expect to see tonnes of cute things to buy very soon. You can keep up with shopping online and check the proogress of the shop opening at Holy Cute..

On to my update..
love.Love turtle valentine. This little cutie is a print gocco print that I made with my christmas present. Great to give as a gift, use as art or postcard. It's cute way to tell someone you are thinking about them this year. They come in packs of 5..and there are there packs available in my shop so get there soon!!

I re-photographed my mango madness. Oooh the cute paper behind is some scrapbook paper I got for Christmas (Thanks bro's and sis's for the gift cards!!)

I also re-photographed the Banana Choc Monkey. It tastes as good as it looks. If you have any ideas about flavors for lip balms let me know.

A new art journal!! Classy, classic. With a beautiful pressed flower on the top. It has canvas paper, and white paper and also some ideas and outlines for skteching and painting.

Cuuuuute felties! These two hearts are soooo adorable. I want to keep them. But I won't. They look very cute on a window sill with candles. Mmm.

Well kids that's all for now. I'm getting dizzy hehe. I think Friday morning I will try to make my sushie to photograph it for the menu. I'll show y'all how it looks!!