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28 January 2009

Sushi Morning!

Provided there is a good amount of natural light, and I get some sleep tonight, I think I will make the sushi for my menu and photograph it tomorrow. How exciting, it's one step closer to opening my sushi business (for this area). Hopefully I'll be doing some tutorials along the way and let you know a thing or two about making sushi.

Today I starting typing up the book that my friend hired me to type up. It's pretty much one of a favorite books he's read me for the past two years..close to a finish but I am getting to type from the beginning and it's so fun because I had forgotten some of the story and I play a part in what is going to be the next best seller in books and great screenplay for a movie. Only - he has very messy handwriting, but I'm sure with colaboration I will start to get the hang of his scribles.

Upon looking online for some inspiration, I found Silje rendition to Rachel Denbow's "Headband/Big Bow" and it is just sooo cute. She's been spinning and dying her own yarn and the results are just fantastic. This girl among a few others from the last couple years are people that inspired me to start knitting. I'm pretty good at the basics, I need to learn and remember a few things but I am ready to do a few more knitting projects this year. My friend Trish Delacruz bought me a knitting kit for my birthday! It's the really big wooden needles and a carrying case, you can throw some yarn in a knit on the go, which is perfect for me as I have knitting and crochetting projects lying around, now I can keep focused and in one place. Very excited to see what comes my way.

On that note I'm out, I need sleep and I think tonight is the perfect night to get some good rest and watch "Made of Honor" all alone up in my room. And be amazed at how similar it is to my life! (only the girl obviously) Or so people tell me it's like my life and um a certain someone else is the guy, hehe.

Much love
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Silje Røe Hagland 28 January, 2009  

Hi love, thanks for the sweet comment in my blog <3
That's so awesome your friend got you a knitting kit! I pretty much just bought a bunch of yarn and some different size needles, and learned by watching videos on youtube. Everytime theres an abreviation or something like that in a pattern I am wondering about, I just look it up, and watch a tutorial, it usually takes me a few times befre I get it right, but it does the trick :)

You should definitly also check out , tons on free patterns, amazing people, a forum where you can ask questions and so on, I'm "siljevanilje" on there.

My hubs and I were talking about going to the asian marked and actually get some stuff for sushi. I'd love some tips if you wouldn't mind sharing :)

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!!!
my email is,

I'm gonna add your blog, it's super cute :)