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16 January 2009

Hey hey

Hello my friends.

Sorry it has been so long. I went to the US for NYE/couple weeks.

It was fun, some parts/people were disappointing, but the new year brings on some cleaning out of bad friends and making room for new ones.

I am really messed up with the whole time difference. I'm tired, can't sleep and sick, and other times I sleep and wake up in the middle of the day thinking "Aaaah I wish I had woken up." So I have stayed up ALL DAY and it's 1am. I plan on sleeping until 10am. Or maybe snoozing from 9am to 10am. But I'm determined to adjust because I have work I need to get done that I can't do late at night. Besides, I prefer to work when no ones home!! I get alot more done.

Tomorrow is Friday, that's crazy. Next week I get my tonsils out and the 23rd, two days later is my birthday. I'm hoping if I do go to Wagamamas or something for my birthday that I do it before then so I can swallow!!

Daniel is coming up that Saturday. My Mum said I'd probably be mean to him because I'll be kindah..sick or in pain..that I might not want to see him. As if! First off, I would never not want to see Daniel. And second, he doesn't let me get away with treating people with my emotions. He's such a stickler on that with me!! even though he does! ;)

Anyway. I tried out my Gocco, natta on the working part, first I burned 2 bulbs without realising I have a PG-10 Super with a plastic clear bit I was supposed to take out, then I burned right, but the screen didn't work. Hoooow discouraging!! I have 2 flash bulbs left. But there are alternatives that are cheaper than buying Riso, and I think I will buy some. Also..there are other ways I can make a screen to use with my printer, I'm not too worried, but I really was excited and now I wait until tomorrow to give it one last go and print a bunch of cards for vday for my shop, or just generally cute ones. Why limit myself for vday pfft.

Until next time!