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17 January 2009


Definitely cute. Sweet, clean and yummy looking.

These camera strap covers are adorable. So so cute for your camera and you!

My second favourite Leigh. ;) I love Chai, so the thought of it being on my lips sounds so delicious!! And it's vegan friendly.

This SWEET journal!! And it is recycled from the coolest book ever.

These are just a few things that are totally exciting me this weekend.

Today I went downtown, I got a few ideas here and there, enjoyed a Chai Frap with my Mum and then went home for some light sushi lunch. Tomorrow is church so this will be short.

And yes my shop will be back up and running next week, hopefully I can get invetory done Monday and Tuesday, as I go into surgery Wednesday, come out Thursday, birthday Friday and Daniel on the weekend. JAM PACKED!