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29 January 2009

Just a quickie

Hey everyone. I made the sushi and it was delicious!! The point was to get the pictures to make my menu and boy did I get some good ones. Delicious. I'm going to post a tutorial when I unload and resize the pics so keep an eye out in this space! I'll also let you know where you can order my sushi (in my neck of the woods ;))

Very excited.

Oh and guess that else!? I could swallow today!! It doesn't kill. If it's a fluke I'll be so frustrated but I think it's beginning to heal more. I think some of scabs have fallen off, releasing pressure etc. but where they have it stings when I eat some foods. But I can eat I can eat I can eat. Thing is, I haven't eaten in so long, I get full quick! I guess that's good hey! Oh man, I have a smoothie in the freezer and jello in the fridge too..but those are always tasty.

Ok I will post later! Thanks!!