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19 January 2009

Valentine Love

Can be found at

I know it seems early to be thinking about valentines, but if you are anything like me, shop owner and web surfer you would be looking at such adorable things already. Upon my daily browse of etsy I came across this valentine. It is so simple and pretty. I guess one reason I like it so much is beacause it's got giraffes. Being a tall animal must be hard find yourself a mate, so finding it seems something precious. Whether or not they have difficulty mating I don't know, but I do know tall people often find it hard to date shorter people, especially tall females!!

Also, my neice once asked me for a pair of wellies that were pink with giraffes and black bows, haven't found them yet, BUT I have started loving giraffes since!!

Check out this seller this season and find something special, etsy style.

Cute cute!
Six Gun