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4 February 2009

It's that time of the year again..


(This is just some eye candy..)

..Valentine's Day rapidly approaches.
I need ideas. For a friend. But a close friend. And yes we are mushy. So any ideas are welcome. I've been collecting a few. I am making him dinner - my homemade pasta noodles with roasted veg. Maybe I'll get some Rocky Road(which he likes coz you can't get it here in England - but I can ;)) too. I thought about giving him a blank card and when he goes "Huh?" saying "Well I wanted to tell you this..myself and not on paper." And explaining my love and appreciation to him. Also..I found a great book he is going to love and smile huge about. I will only show you that AFTER INCASE he ever visits this blog (not likely) he would see it.
What are you going to do with your loved ones?