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24 February 2009

Juliet you know you want it!

This is basically how it is going to be. I have a few touch ups to do - some sponging on the garage building and some more sky detail to do, maybe her heair a bit. But I'm really pleased, they seem more together now.

What do you think?


Mika 24 February, 2009  

Hi, great painting. I'll link you up on my blog tommorow. We stay tuned!!! Mika (

michelle and brittany 24 February, 2009  

annie! thank you so much for your kind words...i'm sure not many people read our blog, but it's nice to know that the few who do, enjoy it! :] unfortunately, i'm still pretty green with this internet networking thing, and i don't have an ad widget. if you'd like to walk me through the steps, i'd love to make one! then we can totally trade! :]