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3 February 2009

Just a quick one..

..also I added more items to my etsy store today.


kimi 04 February, 2009  

Oh my gosh! I know about RVA. I can't wait for the Holy Cute bag...that is what I am saving up for :) I love the owl, I think he is totally cute! I have been trying to think of ideas for your banner request...but not coming up with anything. I think I am thinking too hard. :)

anne esquibel 04 February, 2009  

I know that store is going to be big. Thanks for the compliments. And hey I'm the same way..I get stuck for ideas! Alot.

reese 06 February, 2009  

I am in love with your Happy Spring Leaf. I think everyone should have one.. or many. I also love your eclectic style and interest in many things. I look forward to purchasing items from your etsy shop. ps your "about me" is beautiful!