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20 February 2009

My baby boy

I am the proud owner of a Patterdale Terrier Crossbreed, I think he may be crossed with a daschund because his fur on his back is a lil longer and wavy like my friends daschund. His name is Charlie.

This is not him - but he looks a lot like this. I will be putting up pics soon, he was pretty worn out today..

He is a rescued dog, he had been rehomed twice. I have no idea why!! He's very sweet. Well tempered, goes potty outside. He knows sit. But I only just got him a few hours ago. Hehe. He follows me everywhere. And cuddles a lot. I love it!


Freckled Nest 21 February, 2009  

he's soooooo sweet!!! he looks like a mini lola with tom's expressions :]

congratulations Annie!!!

LA :)