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19 February 2009

These things excite me

These things deifinitely give me tonnes of inspiration and I want to show them to you and where you can get them!!

Owl - by ThoughtsThatStick

Sweet "Thinking of You" card by RachelRosing

Awesome Tree Vinyl Decal by LeenTheGraphicsQueen

Tree Stump Cushion by FeltLikeIt

Tree Note Card by OuOu
Obviously I searched trees, all sorts and I've loved what I found. Check these artists out..they are all on Etsy, which a lot of you are as well. Etsy is a great handmade sellers community, get involved as much as you can.
Going from that I just said, my shop Six Gun Annie will be having a lot of new stuff on the horizon. I'm looking at a new line of lip balms made from Organic Beeswax called "My Cool Friends" there will be four flavors, two girls - Emma, Laura and two for guys - Daniel, Doug. I will also be working on some accesories for your hair and jewelry!! <3>
Oooh exciting!
Thank you so much for reading guys. All your comments and opinions I really take to heart and it makes my day, really! And if you knew me personally like Jillian and Leigh-Ann you will know just how much that touches me, someday I will tell you my story.
Love love
Six Gun


kimi 20 February, 2009  

I love reading your blog! You have become very inspiration to me. Your art is amazing! I feel like we have known each other for ages and not just blog buddies for a couple of weeks! Is that silly? If so, I will just end up being silly. I would love to hear your story someday. Thanks for making my days brighter with your posts and your comments on my blog! Also I love trees to, especially that tree stump pillow! xoxo Kimi

Nicole 20 February, 2009  

Cool! Very inspiring pictures. You have such a cute blog!

michelle and brittany 24 February, 2009  

i am totally digging the owl...i'm such a nerd for owls! they are my favorite! :]