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27 February 2009


Given to me by Mandy Natalini.

I recently have fallen victim to a Random Act of Kindness by Mandy Natalini, when she told me about her daughter and her friend's site It's a really good idea and many people can benefit from it.

One way to be a part of Random Acts of Kindness is when people show you random act of kindness is to pay it forward, this means to perform a random act of kindness on someone else. The site explains it, it can be anything from opening a door, helping someone you see in a struggle (taking trash out? I once took 8 bags/4 trips across a street by myself - all whilst two young men perfectly capable of helping - watching me!) or helping some reach for an item in a store..letting the person with one or two items go in front of you. Etc.


tovetyll 28 February, 2009  

that's so sweet! the unicorn is lovely* I totally agree, it costs so little to be nice to people, to help someone who needs it, or cheer someone up!

have a beautiful weekend Annie:)