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2 March 2009

Hello Dream*Kitchen

Most of my kitchen will be .. a bit .. vintage. However, for culinary needs I will have to have a few essentials..but these little accessories are divine. (Google Pics Inspiration Time!!)


kimi 02 March, 2009  

i love that fridge...they have stoves like that too and I think dishwashers. At this site

super cute and fun!
hope you had a great weekend!

Mika 03 March, 2009  

This kitchen is so cool, love the fridge. Link your blog to mine so we stay tuned! Mika (

Emily 04 March, 2009  

These are great pics- I think your kitchen will be gorgeous!

mandy 06 March, 2009  

Vintage appliances create warm fuzzy feelings in my heart. a lot.