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2 February 2009

So many things going on..

The long awaited Red Velvet Art Shop opened Sunday. Located on Commercial Street (across from Big Mammas) in Springfield, Missouri it sits cozy and welcoming for all consumers.

Loaded with apparel and specifically unique items, I assure you this is not another "Cosmic Fish" or "Kleidascope" - with intimidating staff and unusual tastes. Shop is owned and ran by Springfield's own Elsie Flannigan (Ki Memories, Love, Eslie and Elsiecake) a well known and admired artist. Stop in and say hello, have a look at all it has to offer and peak in on some fresh and beautiful art pieces. The online store is set to have opened, due to technical difficulties it's post poned but should be open very very soon (in fact you should check it now)

The band NEW DEVICE have recorded their music video for Takin' Over. I know what lies behind the green screen and you will be amazed at the results. But you will have to wait..just a little longer. The album is due to release next month. (March 09)

SUSHI FRIDAYS is now open for business for those in the Huntingdon area. Sushi Fridays came around due the fact that the nearest decent sushi is 30 mintues away. Of course you can opt to make it yourself (if you know how and are confident and have the time and skill) or you can get it at Tesco or Sainsbury (if you enjoy chewing on rubber) but if you want that fresh taste at a great price, Sushi Fridays it the way to go. Not only do they offer a fresh outlook on sushi but also the newer hip crunchy and saucy sushi rolls you find popping up in America and now in Japan as well.

That's it for now. I may post later this week some photos I've been going through. They are of my and my Daniel. It's so funny I was looking at some pic over a 3 yr period and he seemed to have been growing younger, my dear Benjamin Button! Ha. You'll see.
Have a good Monday.
ps. I had felt better then my throat started hurting again and last night I had a fever, perhaps it's part of the process. We will see.
I forgot to add, I'm making my own pasta today, I shall take pictures and show you how to make some yourself!! Yuuuummmy!! Also if you have any ideas for a Valentines gift/idea let me know, I need some inspiration and ideas!! I have a special someone coming up for that weekend and I wanna make it super loving and memorable.