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18 March 2009

Check it out check it in

Were you all aware I adore Zac Efron, especially in Hairspray when he falls in love with the fat girl.

Hey check it out..I changed my blog. Shaaamone. All by my self. Still tweaking a little here and there but I'll slowly figure the coding out. I'm super tired. I spent today walking, working on my Mum's Mother's Day present (pics tomorrow) and editing product pics (update for shop soooooon)

Short post. Long*love oxox


Mika 18 March, 2009  

Great eye candy!!!! (hihi) Mika (

Freckled Nest 18 March, 2009  

"Shaaamooone!" That just made my day, love it :)

jillian 18 March, 2009  

Ohhh dear. He's such a hottie.

Loveee the new background,
& I can not wait to see pictures of your momma's present!

jillian 18 March, 2009  

annie.. canada will be the first on our list to visit!
such a good idea..
tell me when and where and i will be right there ready for an amazing time!