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17 March 2009

Suuure you can post twice in a day

Before the 27th March I need to..

* get into the head clinic for more tests
* list more items on etsy (tomorrow)
* finish another painting
* clean and organize the office
* plan and make more storage and decor
* walk Charlie like a billion times
* straighten my hair
* finish my mums mini book for mothers day (which is sunday - here)
* sleep more relax
* paint nails icey green
* buy some pottery from the outlets for ebay
* list the appliance graveyard on ebay
* read my bible and pray every day
* send something made by me to the natalinis
* sell lovers two for 500 pounds
* see surgeon

I'm so sleepy. ox


mandy 18 March, 2009  

This list stresses me out. wow