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31 March 2009


Southend On Sea, England, UK this is where I was this weekend (yes, away from the internet!)

We found one of these, it was a great find(in Basildon) considering it's the only one in England!! Yummy, I had Chicken Florentine, which I'm going to edit to make on own kindah recipe.

Mum, Dad and me

Me and Mum had one of those supermodel documentary hours!!
And I had one too!! Hehe.
All in all it was pretty cool. There are more pics on my facebook, if you haven't added me, click the link above that says Facebook and add me! Sweet action Jackson.
What did you do this weekend? I missed you!


Ashley 01 April, 2009  

Hey! I tried to add your widget to my blog but my column widths are all messed up. If you know how to adjust your pic to 125pixels wide--I'll definitely put you up on my site! :)

Your holiday looks amazing...I NEED ONE haha.

kimi 02 April, 2009  

how fun!! i want to go to England sooo bad!

ahhh, maybe some day in the future we can actually meet :) missed you so much!