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1 April 2009

When bad things happen.. have to turn your mourning into dancing. I learnt this from the Bible today. And from my life. It's like one bad thing after another is happening. It gets rough you know, being down and still getting punched. And not even over human error, fights or emotional stuff, it's and sickness and things you can't control. But the Lord is the strength of my life.

With these bad things, a lot of good will follow. That is when I start dancing and stop mourning.


Mika 02 April, 2009  

You go girl. Dance around the world. Mika (

Caution Flag 02 April, 2009  

Our response really is a choice, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder.

kimi 02 April, 2009  

dance like a diva!! sing at the top of you lungs!