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4 March 2009

I'm seeing children seeing things that I think children shouldn't see

Kisses on the nose are the best.

The mini book for the cooking class is going to look sweet (you'll see)

Um oh yeah, thank you LA for such a beautiful ad m'dear!! Love it!


tovetyll 04 March, 2009  

lovely photo!!

and I agree, kitchen vintage is the best, I always pretend to be a sweet little house wife and cook for my boyfriend, because I enjoy it so much, though I'm not a good cook, just an easy one:)

hope your online class will run very well, I wish you all the best with it!!

love Tove**

Freckled Nest 04 March, 2009  

You're welcome my friend :)

michelle and brittany 05 March, 2009  

i love your new ad...i'm jealous! :]

i'm still working on one to trade with you...