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5 March 2009

A few new things..

There are 3 openings for my class on Etsy if you want to register and pay straight away and build and get some good feedback on your Etsy Account. If not e-mail with your name and I will send you an invoice. The info in my right sidebar will be left there until the clas starts on 13 March.

Also..these beauties..

and this.. can get the code for my ad on the will see instructions. You can get FreckledNest codes at there will be some info on advertising with LA very very soon!

I better get going, I have a sample tray of Sushi Fridays sushi to make for the hospital and also for the RAF Alconbury! Woo. I'll show ya the goods later.

Lovelove Six Gun



mandy 06 March, 2009  

They wink!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Mandy. This is my first time on your blog. I don't have freckles, but I like them. Does that count for something?

anne esquibel 06 March, 2009  

Hehe sure. Nor do I have them :) thanks for checking things out!!

Mika 06 March, 2009  

Hi, love that new banner from your blog!!
Have a great one today. Mika (