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19 March 2009

Look what I made

I made this album for my Mum for Mother's Day (which is Sunday)

Those Poladroids are soooooooo amazing!

Wasn't I a cute baby!?

I also updated my SWEET AS LITTLE SHOP with these..

Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon. WoooOoo. But we are going to Wagamamas after for lunch. Anyone have awesome plans for the weekend? Daniel was supposed to come up for the weekend but a show he's playing got moved to Saturday. Boo. I'm going to some pottery factories instead.


jillian 19 March, 2009  

Annie! It turned out soo well!!! you will have to tell me how you made it and all that jazz.. its sooo awesome. Now i want to make one! :)

kimi 19 March, 2009  

awesome..those are cute! love the book for your mum too! we are driving down to Houston and am celebrating my neices 6th birthday party. We are having a pirate party! i will take lots of pic! i have done both smoothies and will try and post pictures tonight. i have gotten a little behind!!
have a great weekend!

Anonymous,  20 March, 2009  

Hey I love your headbands they're awesome =] But I just wanted to ask a question as embarrassing as it is - how do you wear them? I see photos of all these people who make their hair all pouffy and awesome then have the headband like around the middle but it is completely beyond me how to make my hair do that!
(I'm really embarrassed I had to ask)
Thanks :)

julio n carla 20 March, 2009  

cuuuute headbands! how fun!

tell me more about your recipe book.... sounds interesting! :D