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20 March 2009

How to wear a headband 101

There are many ways to wear your headband. I wear mine lower on my head like..
Rachel Denbow

Elsie Flannigan ..

And this is how you would wear mine..since it has a little feltie feature..

And you can wear it like this..

And you can also wear it further back to hold flyaways..

When my hair is straightened I wear it in the middle of my head when I wear a ponytail to keep my loose hairs from flying in my face. Today I had SUPER curly hair (I washed and slept with it a lil moist) so I wore it just above my bangs and then look longer less curly pieces and tucked them into the headband.
Any questions? Everyone will look different anyway. When I wear mine like Elsie, with my hair pushed forward..I look funny. She has great style. But sometimes you have to work the headband to work for you, practise and look and see what looks best for you!!
About my cookbook
I'm in the process of writing a cookbook. I've written a few recipes that are released in my Cooking Class and they get to try out my recipes. They are simple recipes with fresh ingredients. Things you get in restaurants - only you can make it at home, like fraps, sushi and sorbet oh yummy.


mandy 25 March, 2009  

So excited to see bandanas included in this! I love me some bandanas.