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12 March 2009


As it gets warmer and warmer I'm falling more and more in love with He Is Legend - I am Hollywood again, I have Suck Out the Poison but it just doesn't do me as well as I am Hollywood.

I need to do this recipe today, a couple. Chai Frap - which I have but I am developing the "Cap'n Crunch Frap" which you can make in your own home. Yummy.

I also need to organize the office and make my computer faster so I work on it in my office instead of downstairs on my dad's cupmuter!!


Pictures sooon, promise.


Mika 12 March, 2009  

Hi there, organize the office....yep also busy with the same (I hate that!!!) Have a great day. Mika (

kimi 12 March, 2009  

Ya, we totally need to figure out our own version of the Capn Crunch Frap. But fraps and smoothies are both good! I like all of them. Especially after working out cause I am usually hungry and do not want heavy food.