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13 March 2009

Oooh baby::oooh baby, ooooh ooooh oooh baby

Mandy Natalini and her daughter's sent me a Random Act of Kindness package..with this unicorn kit in it!!

This is a minibook for my online class, it has a short version of all the recipes!! This one is Kimi's.

This is a fat mini book I made. Those two dogs are my brother Mikey's. On the right is me and Charlie!! The left side is fused Morrisons plastic bag..the Tesco ones are cool too.

I used the back of the polaroid to make a dark stary sky!!

My favourite Starbuck's drink and my favourite place in the world my Aunt Barbie's house. Me and bro's in front, our two cousins in the back.
Memories!! <3<3
Oh..should I attempt to groom my own dog? I seem to be able to do anything as long as I study it on and it doesn't look hard. I think some friends from church have a dog shaver. I'm afraid to clip his nails because they are long and black and it's hard too see the nerve.
He'd look super sharp!! I already cut off his mutton chops and he looks way younger!


kimi 13 March, 2009  

OMG OMG I am so excited about that recipe book!! Ahh, *tear* you are the bestess!!!

And that mini fat book is too cute! Have a great superb weekend! I will be making fraps tomorrow!

julio n carla 13 March, 2009  

looooove the unicorn, mini and book! yay! recipes?!?! mmmm!

xo kimi too! :D