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6 March 2009

PS. My dream pack

I want Cesar Millan. ;) Just kidding, I would love a pitbull/staffordshire terrier

Shih Tzu


Chihuahua and Great Dane

Teacup Yorkie

This of course includes Charlie. Oh and add..

Italian Greyhound

This of course comes after my fortune when I have money and time to take care, love and walk them. And train them. In my big farm house. <3


kimi 07 March, 2009  

there are some things that you post that I am like "geez this girl is too much like me"!! I get to have lots of dogs when we buy land and can have kennels so I can save lots of doggies and other animals!
I have a pitbull mix! She is the best dog ever, her name is Lucy. And we have Kai, which is also a rescue dog. She is german shephard mix. We are watching my friends dog Precious this weekend too, she is a we have a full house!! I will see if I can get them all together and take a pic :)

tovetyll 08 March, 2009  

awww how cute is that?? I wouldn't be able to choose a dog, because I want a grand dane, a jack russel, a dalmatian, a dachs (is it called that in english????) and a pitbull... my friend has the most adorable pitbull, she's so sweet, her name is jessica! I'm too lazy for walking the dog though, so I need a country house too! I just want to cuddle with it...right now we have cat and rabbit...and that's enough lol