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25 March 2009

This is where I work..

Charlie likes to sit here and have a chat with the felties when I work.

Lover Too painting (still waiting to be viewed and bought *cough* Mr. Rose *cough*) I moved this smaller table over here because then you have more room to get in and out of the room.

And the larger table I moved where the smaller one was. Now I can look out the window whilst I create many many things. Plus - more room.

There happens to be a sink in every room upstairs unless it has it's own bathroom. This comes soooo handy when I'm painting, and I love using the mirror when I do my hair.

This is the closet, no, no awesome storage techniques other than de-clutter and organise. I can't afford shelves and containers so I have very few. I am probably moving back to Springfield, MO in a couple years anyway.

So that is where I work. It's so clean now. I did the spring clean and my Charlie was in the way the whole time! Bah. I just wanna be in here now. And make things hehe.


Elaine 25 March, 2009  

i love your little desk by the window. :]
such beautiful light must come through there.