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24 March 2009

They call it puppy love

He wakes me up with kisses in the morning then stares at me (haha) and falls asleep on my pillow. This is a special time for us because he is not allowed to sleep with me, he sleeps in his own bed and every morning he looks forward to our morning cuddle.

And our many cuddles there after! I made a summer dress for this weekend in Southend and I made him a matching shirt.

We had got him a harness (only we don't believe in them anymore..thank-you Cesar!) it didn't fit, then we got didn't fit either, he's too wide for a xsmall and too short for a small..since he's odd shaped like me..we got him a hat, it fits pretty well..although his head is kinda big.

This week in cooking class we are making home made pasta and roasted veggies, one of my favourite dishes. This recipe will be in my cookbook. Also..SUMMER COOKING CLASSES begin soon!! (Have to finish up the spring one) I've had soooo much fun teaching my students how to make my favourite spring dishes, can't wait for will be a longer class!! Woooowhooo.
I will take pics of me and my parents in Southend. It will be fun. For those of you who don't know, Southend is a beachy warm place in England. We don't have any Florida's or CA..just Cornwalls and Southends and Hunstantons..which are nice and sunny and warm..but the water is ALWAYS freezing!! And..for some reason we have freezing water..oh dear.


Caution Flag 24 March, 2009  

His hat is just right! Puppy love is grand, isn't it?

Ashley 25 March, 2009  

Thank you so much for posting my ad on your site!!!! Do you have an HTML link so I can post yours on mine as well?

stina 31 March, 2009  

your dog is so cute (& a bit hilarious, animals in clothes always crack me up) in his little hat! adorable!