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16 March 2009

Yes I can

Friday night I made this..

..into this..

..for a mother at the baby shower Saturday.

Today I shaved Charlie, he looks so much younger..(I may have left a lil too much on the top)

..and more muscular!!
We also went through our "kitchen appliences" graveyard..and we are going to list..a Jack Le Lanne juicer, a food processor(juicer, whipper, chopper - all accessories), toaster and cappucino machine.
And..tomorrow I am going to update my shop!!
And this Friday in my online class..we are making..SUSHI!! <3<3<3


Mika 16 March, 2009  

Love your fruit sticks. Mika (

Caution Flag 17 March, 2009  

Since I don't have an ounce of artistic ability, I will live vicariously here!