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24 April 2009

About Me..

List to do before 29 April:
- finish candles. Today I made cotton candy candles - pink and blue!! They smell great and I also made little mini tealights - they are pink and elegant. They will burn longer - they have organic beeswax.
- get two magazines: Elle and Vogue or Marie Claire, or even a cooking or scrapbooking one.
- finish mini me envelope book.
- make vegetarian lasagne for church Sunday.
- make a thank-you card for Buffy for getting me pickles. They have helped me not to cheat on my diet. Oh and Louisiana Hot Sauce.
- take alergy meds regularly and get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water.
- photograph my latest etsy items for an update.
- keep an eye on my e-bay stuff (buying and selling)
- wash my hair and make sure it's clean (enough to last a few days) including my extensions.
- cut Mum's hair.
- watch 17 Again.
- make sure I have no nail varnish or make up on.
- pack a small bag with plenty to do, nighties and clothes and slippers and robes.
- laundry and linens.

Reasons for (some of the) list:

I have really bad health. I have thyroid problems and a month ago my doctor said "you don't produce enough of the hormone that makes your heart beat. I'm suprprised it's beating now." so I am on a few more drugs - feeling so much better from it. I also have PCOS and Hydradenitis Superativa. Both of which can get so much better if I were to lose some weight. However - because of the thyroid takes a lot of time and is really hard for me to lose a significant amount of weight. For many if my thyroid is off it can make me tired and weak. There have been times when I couldn't even get out of bed or function properly because it was sooooo low. Or if it's off I can be emotional and comfort eat or not eat all then I gain so much back when I start eating again. So, I decided to have weight loss surgery. I had orginally looked into lap band (my father had it) however our surgeon told me that he thought Gastric Bypass would be a better option. I would lose weight fast - stay motivated and most likely would not fail like I would a diet. At this point my weight is seriously effecting my health and this will definitely be a great tool for me to take advantage of. My goal is to lose weight obviously, however - I also want to be hysically able to row a boat, climb a mountain, play tennis, run and jog, play sports and save whopping $ on clothes by getting to buy in sales and shop at Walmart/Asda! My doctors goals are to improve my health and get me off a couple meds I'm on. I can't wait.

There are of course complications that can arise. I could have trouble in surgery, develop a blood clot after, split staples or stitches or become malnutirious. I could develop dumping syndrome or get sick. There are fatalities and I am very nervous. But I trust God and my surgeon - so we are a go.

Take off to the rest of my life: 29 April 2009, five days and counting..

There will be pain and tears..followed by success.

Here is to health!


ps. this means I might/might not be online or posting for a week or so.


michelle and brittany 25 April, 2009  

good luck annie :] you will definitely be in my prayers and i hope for you a swift recovery!


Eeffie 25 April, 2009  

Good luck, girl!

tovetyll 25 April, 2009  

I didn't know you had such problems with your health! best of luck for the operation, I hope everything turns out well, I will send you all my good vibrations!!:)

kimi 26 April, 2009  

i hope everything goes well!! i wish i was there to support you more, but know you are a very strong person and you will look great and feel better afterward. definately keep me updated on how everything is going! you rock! you rock it all the way to TX :)
xoxo kimi