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21 April 2009

Today I got my extensions (and beeswax)

Me giving Charlie a kiss for being a good boy when he met other dogs.

I got one beach blonde weft..and I'm not realy feeling it. My hair is also fading back to that reddish colour..only darker..sooo I think I will get a couple bottles of black and dye mine and the extensions.

You likes?

- picking up some scrapbook papers etc for the Ladies Scrap sesh at my church. I'll be teaching them how to make a minibook. Wooowhooo.
- take Charlie to garden centre - let him wear his cool hat.
- try to stay away from people as much as possible and stay out of fields (I'm due for surgery in a week and I was coughing a bit today - oh no)..
- make some "Sugar Cookies" and "Peppermint" scented small candles. They are going to be suuuuch cool colors, like light pink and turquois.
- get rest.

What you up to?


kimi 23 April, 2009  

hi loves...gotta make it quick so i can go back to work!!

miss ya tons, no package yet! getting new hair tomorrow...will post pictures! have a great weekend!