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10 April 2009

Give away!! Give way for the give away!! Woo!

Hey everyone, hope you had a good week!!
I will be giving away(from my shop):

1 Trops Lips Lip Balm
1 Art/Craft Journal
1 Cuuuute piece of art..
1 Autographed photo of New Device (signed by Daniel Leigh - front man)
and few other cuuuuuute goodies you will love.

How to enter:
You will need a Facebook account, so sign up at , on Facebook you must leave a comment like "wow really great pic" or "one for the ladies" or "very handsome" or something flattering on this picture..(click pic or click here) since it will be you leaving a comment from your Facebook account I will be able to contact you directly if you win. Click the Facebook button above(top of page) to add me :). Good luck! I will randomly choose a winner and the winner will be announced in one week!

PS.Do not mention the give away in your comment - it's ok if you have (my fav Jillianpoo)..I wanna surprise him with a bunch of comments. ;)

In other news..

I dyed my hair black and REALLY wanted a I decided to cut it in the style of Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl where it's layered and brushed forward. This is the before..

This is after.

There are still a few little fly aways that will pop up to trim and in a week it will look more worn. I'm excited, I can use product again. Woo! Bad note: I did accidentally shove the scissors up my nose (sharp hair scissors) because I'm a clutz.


This was my inspiration:


Anonymous,  11 April, 2009  

I love your hair! It's thick and sooo black...*envy*