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11 April 2009

Happy Easter!!

I believe with all my heart that Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead. Specifially, because he was crucified for my sin, and the sin of everyone. And that he did this, so that I can live eternally, and never have seperation from Him and all his glory and what he's created for me. I believe that this is Salvation and this eternity is available to me if I accept that I'm a sinner and that Christ paid my debt, and I need him in my life. I believe this and I've accepted. Today I celebrate that life he gave for me and to me.


Anonymous,  12 April, 2009  

Happy Easter to you too! Hope you had loads of fun today!

jillian 13 April, 2009  

i liked this.
i like you.
my friend jules likes you too.
you should check out what she wrote on my facebook about you.
she's awesome.

Jennifer 15 April, 2009  


Hope you had a wonderful resurrection day!