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15 April 2009


Hey everyone. Sorry I've not posted a tonne this last week or so. Been really busy preparing for surgery. I've been eating last meals..and now I'm on the two week pre-op diet to shrink that liver of mine. This is leading up to "my story" at some point huh? Promise promise, soon enough. Anyway..

Remember I cut my hair? Well it is very awesome. Loving how thick and dark my hair is..the only thing I want more length - celebrity length.

So I just ordered some wavy 100% human hair wefts. I have bought them before here and love how they look. They have micro clips - so no gluing..just clip in and out when you want. Now..I've only ever had 4 or 5 straight wefts and 1 wavy..but this time around it will be a full head of wavy 2 jet black and 1 beach blonde. It will come to about 6 or 7 pieces.

This is a pic of me from Rockin' Ribs 2007 in Springfield, Missouri. See how thick and long and rockin' my hair is..that is what I'm hoping to achieve..only..thicker. Woo!

Can't wait for those puppies to get here..with my thick choppy top that I cut, I'm bound to look aaaamazing!!


jillian 15 April, 2009  

oh. i have always wanted to try hair extensions..
just never have.
one day..
i do use photoshop..
it was very difficult for me to use at first, i dont know ANYTHING about it, i just look up how to do stuff online and i am starting to understand it a little more..

your wishes are the same as mine almost..
macbook. iphone. and new camera.