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19 April 2009


Last night I was workin' online late and baby boy was snoring! I woke him up for kisses and a cuddle.

He is a big cuddler..we snoozed a bit.

This is him plotting to sleep in bed!! So I go to wash my face and come back to..

Charlie had tucked in! Pillow, blanket and that blue sheet is my blanky!

I got in bed and he was still sleeping!!

He's so adorable. Adorable Charlie.
This was my weekend - how was yours?


Angela 20 April, 2009  

Aww, I love Charlie! I just got back from playing with my little pom at the park. Life would be so empty without a dog to love :)

Mika 21 April, 2009  

The pics are great girl. Mika (