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4 April 2009


Lazy Saturdays, this is me and Charlie after a bunch of walking and meeting people and dogs at the Garden Show in P-Town.

Rise and shine we have work to do!

Here are some layouts I did in my 8x8 scrap book last week.

I painted this..

And studied this style of drawing..

I obv don't understand..water color least not the ones I have..

This is my art journal

First attempt at this style..

I have minimal shelfage..

I made this slide too..

Today I gave Charlie a faux hawk, but after discovering how soft his fur is short..I shaved it off.

So far so good.

What would you like me to blog on, any suggestions?
I'll have plenty of photos to share next week, Daniel is coming up and I think I may do a photoshoot.

Love love LV today


Anonymous,  06 April, 2009  

hello! stumbled upon your blog via elsie's blog! I love this entry, everything about it! love the dogs and the drawings :) and yes, I am also clueless about watercolor pencils too!

Anonymous,  06 April, 2009  

thanks for dropping by my blog, is it ok if I include your blog on my blogroll?

nicole b. 10 April, 2009  

I love how you used the staples to hold your ribbon in place. Its great when everyday things look so great in a scrap page!!!

anne esquibel 10 April, 2009  

Thanks. It's probably the easieast Hehe. x And yes you can ad me toy our blogroll..if I ahven't replied yet. I think I did though.

Mmmm Friday!