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3 April 2009

I love the sunny sun sun

I made this little dress for a girl that my friend adopted from China, I hope it fits, she is 3 and I heard she is tall, width is fine, I guess either way it can be a top too!! The tie is a brooch so it's removable.

I did some braided ties. Braiding is a GREAT help for any straps or ties. It makes a simple and pretty look.

And you don't have to hide-seam sew any straps!

I thought this was a cute little addition too!

Tonight is the last lesson in my class! Yummy Sorbet!! But no worries, I am doing a summer class with yummy kebabs, bacon florentine, chocolate banana melts(for throwing on a open fire! Go lake food!!) and stuffed Jelapenos!

That won't start until May, as this month I am having gastirc bypass surgery. You've heard the horror stories, believe me, so have I but I've heard the great successes too. And although I'm super nervous (considering today I got a paper telling me to sign on the dotted line because you could die in surgery or from bloodclots) I'm super excited too.

It's Friday! Friday is my favourite day of the week..
1. Tonight I stay up real late. I might get some typing in before that.
2. Tomorrow morning - hello sleeping in (minus letting the dog out lol)
3. I might visit my Aunt Georgina tomorrow
4. Start the Natalini project (a thank you package of goodies)
5. Make some more goodies for friends, maybe a few hair slides, brooches and a teddy bear perhaps
6. Planting herbs
7. Going to church


Monday: Daniel is here until Wed. Wooooowhoo.

What are you doing this weekend? And gimme your honest opinion on the little dress..ok for a beginner? Pretty good? Don't quit your day job? lol



tovetyll 04 April, 2009  

hello dear!! I hope you had a beautiful friday!! I love fridays too, I usually stay up late with my boyfriend and play and laugh and have fun! and I also have the good "tomorrow is saturday"-feeling, I love saturdays as well. the dress is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I adore the 60ies, and felt this was really inspired by it, I'm sure the little girl will look so sweet!

have a wonderful weekend!!

xoxo Tove