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6 May 2009

FAV art

I want to share with you all my favourite things. These are some my top favourite art pieces..some are new and some I've loved for sooooo much longer.

These two are new "finds" that I found on

I really like these because I do a lot of stencil art too..similar t the piece below. I think they bring a fresh and exciting look to any home.

This artist Doug Martin is also a drummer for a band in Springfield, MO called The Trash Angels, if you are around go see them and tell them I sent ya. A great show to go to and nice people. If you purchase a cd - the pic laser printed on the actual cds - I took. :) Anyway back to art.. . I was there with Doug singing to him and giving him my opinion when he finished this painting..

And everyone knows this next artist, Elsie Flannigan .. I really love the crisp clean look. I think this painting would be awesome to have in a homeschoolng room or a classroom, my sister in law teaches 1st grade and this would def fit in her classroom, it's very inspiring.

Hope you enjoyed those pieces. Please feel free to tell me what artists you enjoy! I love art. I could sit in a coffee gallery listening to bands and looking at paintings all day long. I love here in the UK when they have markets and some indie artist are out there. They paint HUUUUGE canvases - this is what I want to do some day when I can afford to, paint biiiiiiig canvases, seems the bigger the better with my art.


andrealynn 14 May, 2009  

I too could sit all day long in a coffee gallery listening to bands and absorb paintings! I really enjoy stella im hultberg, and I love the little doodle world Asja has made. (

Love this post!