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7 May 2009

Etsy update and DEFY*STYLE

When Daniel was up here visiting for a few days he asked me to measure him for a t-shirt. Daniel is in a band and he needs some hot shirts to wear for photo shoots and gigs. Well, he showed me DEFY STYLE. A shop on e-bay. What I found was some of the most amazing tees I've ever seen. The reason I like these are because the use of color, the theme, heritage and the story behind it.

Here are a couple of my fav girl tees..have a look at the guy ones they are awesome too. I think when I lose some more weight I will get a guy one with two six guns on it! Considering I'm Six Gun Annie!!

I thought this was a sweet vintage style!

I updated my shop with those delicious candles I told you about! My favourite ones are the little tealight ones. They are so sweet, not too smelly (like some can be) a just right scent and oh so cute. I like to display mine on a vintage teacup!

I also made a couple cupcake size ones, they are two toned. Get this - they fit inside the vintage teacup. Hehe it's a really great size candle. I think what I would do if I lived in the USA right now is go to a thrift store and get some old glassware and old teacups and glasses (like goofus glass) and put these darlings in them. What a sweet home decor idea aye.

There aren't many so get your hands on them when you can. I made one other candle it's a standard short candle that fits in most candle holders. They are scented as Sugar Cookie but I think they smell like a soft Cotton Candy. It's a real comforting scent. Hope you enjoy!
When I get better (and they let me work!!) I think I will make some green and yellow mint candles!
All these candles have beeswax in them - which produces and more cozy flame and lasts longer!
What are your fav designers?


Anonymous,  08 May, 2009  

wow! the tshirts are just awesome! hope u're feeling better!