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15 May 2009


Have you seen this film? I hope so. I really really like this film and the funny part is I didn't watch it for the longest time..because I thought I'd be annoyed by it. And I never liked Zac Effron before either.

But when I feel down this movie picks me right up and makes me smile. I think it's mainly because there is a lil drama and the lil fat girl doesn't let anything get her down, whether Link likes her not, whether the station likes her or not she just shakes it off.

I think that's a good lesson for everyone.


Caution Flag 15 May, 2009  

I've seen it only once and loved it. I, too, like the way she dares to dream and then act on those dreams.

Anonymous,  18 May, 2009  

I was also apprehensive about this movie because it had Zac Efron, but I was pleasantly surprised by the theme of the story, going after your dreams, fighting for what you believe in without being rude or nasty.

anne esquibel 18 May, 2009  

I agree, she's very nice and just keeps on trucking.

I want a beehive someday.