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12 May 2009

Grow your own !! ;)

This is my garden..
I grew these all from seedlings. Squash, carrot, beets and lettuce, I also am growing red bell peppers - which I got the seed from one I bought in the store, ate, and then I threw it in a milk jug with soil. :) You should try this with any fresh veg or fruit in the store.
The rest of the garden is on the other side, we are also growing spinach, onions, courjettes, sage, dill, sweet basil, majoram, loveland, thyme, rocket, green beans, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, mint and rhubarb, and probably more I just can think. Oh tiny fire hot chillis too.
This last week (from Tuesday to Tuesday) I've lost 10lbs. I think that is crazy but when for one part of the week you've only had clear fluids and the other part you only eat 4 times a day and a couple teaspoons ot tablespoons a sitting - you're bound to lose weight. I eat less calories in a day than someone would eat in a McDonalds Happy Meal with healthy choices. Crazy. But good.

Still a bit tired. But I'm working up to more nutritious food. It seems I have an intolerance for milke - even skimmed :(. So I've switched to dry and soya, it helps. I love soya anyway. Did you know you can buy soya mince!? It has a lot of protein (which I need) so I add it to my breakfast and many other things. Yummy. Only other problem is my diaphram hurts in the mornings - it feels like I'm being stabbed when I breathe. My surgeon told me not to worry but keep an eye on it. Until then he said take more pain meds regularly. He said it sounded like my body was in pain, he told me not to be tough but to take it easy and rest, it's only been 6 days since my surgery.
..which everyone has been telling me all along. Meep!
PS. I am making some more clutches today. <3
Any one else getting crafty ?


kimi 13 May, 2009  

don't think i have forgotten about you girly!! hope all is well! glad you are feeling better and working up to solids :) LOL, that sounds funny!
when you coming to springfield again?? i might go to st. louis and visit my friend and maybe we will cruise down there. not sure yet if i can afford it!
miss your guts and glad you are doing good!!