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24 May 2009

My intense nightmare

If you are faint at heart or get scared easily, don't continue to read this post.

Ok so, I was hanging with friends and there was this other girl I guess I knew of but wasn't mates with. She was blonde with a roundish face. She was pacing in a door way and I heard a low pitched grunt..I looked at her and said something about my house being full of those who wish to praise the Lord. And she just stared at me and I was like "Hey come here.." and she kept staring so I walked towards her and the door slammed in front of her although no one touched it. Everyone else because frightened and a couple other friends of faith looked alarmed. So I guess we decided to perform an exorcism. My knowledge of demons led me to praise the Lord and mantion his power over and over again, each time the girl grunting like it was painful to hear. Then I crossed her arms (the others were watching in fear almost trembling, not knowing what to do) and held her tight (like a straight jacket) I had held her as tight as I could in the process she was grabbing my hands and her nails were ripping into my wrists causing them to bleed. I asked me friends to grab a chair or rope or anything to keep her from fleeing and controling the situation. The sounds of her grunts were so real. As I held her I told her that the Lord was with me and I was holder her and I was praying over her (this "demon" had immense strength) as she weakened a little I asked "What is your name?" she grunted and said something I couldn't understand, then I said, "In the name of the Lord and Saviour tell me your name." and she laughed and said her name was Asheroth. Then I paryed some more and she fell to the ground..and I thought evertyhing was ok, but only and hour later she started acting funny again, she/he told me I cast him into the dog and he moved back into her body. I then woke up.


Anyone else have spooky dreams like that!??