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21 May 2009

oooooh beehiiiive

I wanted to cut my hair, so I did a beehive before I did. Just for kicks.

Lil photo shoot. :)

Then I cut my hair.

It was greasy here, I just washed it and it has body and layers and I'm so excited. I can't believe I cut my own hair. It's not too hard, only getting the back took forever and a day. I'm very confident to cut someone else's hair! I have an apt to do so can't wait to do some more!
Anyone else give themselves a trim lately?


kimi 22 May, 2009  

your hair turned out totally cute!! LOVE IT@

Angela 22 May, 2009  

Your hair turned out awesome! And the beehive is super cute :)

I wish I had that talent... If you move back to Springfield I'll have to recruit you to cut my hair :P

Anonymous,  23 May, 2009  

oh wow! love the look! i think it's awesome you can cut your hair, and you are sooooo brave, i would have massacred mine! haha..and love the headband!

R.C. 30 May, 2009  

Oooooh! Love the new haircut! Looks awesome on you!