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4 June 2009


I just felt really compelled to do a post on some of my friends. I love my friends. I have more special friends than this but these come to mind right now and have meant something really special to me in the last few months. This is a way for you to get to know me. And hey I'm all about making more special friends so if we are ever near (you travel to England or I'm in Springfield, MO 15 June - 5 July) contact me and we'll chat and meet. :)

This is Brent Thornton. He's a good Christian man. He also sings (sounds just like Journey!!). I met him at work two years ago and we've been friends since. He is always there for me, even if we don't talk all the time(coz I'm in the uk right now!). And he's hilarious and we wrestle.

Laura Williams. I met her through Daniel. This year I can tell we are going to have a great summer and time whilst I live in England. We are both singing and playin' musicians and I'm going to practice and write some new songs and I'm going to open for her at a gig. :) I love her!! So much.

The two on the left are my friends Buffy and Trish. They are me good ole Christian girly friends. They are both married with children and have goo honest advice for me. It's a priviledge to have friends like that. I've gone through a bunch in my lifetime already maturing me beyond my years, which probably why I hang out with old(er) people. I enjoy this friendship so much. They are so loving. AND FUUUN!

Of course you all know this is my friend Daniel. Me and Daniel have been close friends for 5 years and we met 8 years ago. We go through rough patches but there is something about our friendship the is fighting to stay together. He's been there for me through some tough stuff.

Last but not least my bub Doug. He's the painter musician that started me painting again. He encouraged me sooo much through it all. I've known him 2 years now. He's a good listener and we can talk or paint for hours together.

There is one of my groups of friends..what about yours?
Also, I'll be in Springfield, MO 15 June - 5 July. Visiting family, friends and being on vacation, so if you live there or near and wanna meet up for maybe a day of shopping and coffee or something let me know. I'll also be seeing Jam Room, Ego Magnet and the Trash Angels so maybe you can come out to a show too.
Love loves!!


Angela 06 June, 2009  

Alright, we soooo have to get together while you're in town!!

Must be the time for people to come to America. My Australian bff is coming June 21st - July 7th lol