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4 June 2009

My inspiration this week..

These two ladies have really been an inspiration this week to me reg. following your dreams and working hard to make it a career.
Elsie Flannigan.
Leigh-Ann Keffer
And I have been watching Pretty in Pink every night for last month or so. I just love Andie Walsh. She is so inspiring especially for someone like me - who doesn't have a lot of money right now. I love her fashion, I've always had tonnes of pink in my wardrobe and I love it!
I also love the simple fashion and innocents of Ms Hepburn. My friend Megan Jaeger looks very much like her. So beautiful and simple.

I've kind of had a rough couple of weeks. I just wanted to share and encourage you to never give up. Just when you think things couldn't get any worse they can and will. But we are human and we can be broken down several times but it allows us healing time to become stronger and wiser. I don't know what a majority of my readers believe in..I believe in God. I do. I've wept nights this week crying asking myself yo "wake up wake up wake up" because what seemed to be a nightmare was only getting worse and worse..then I pray "I know you can do this Lord, give me a sign. I know you can help me and I know you change this, I believe you have the power to to do anything." and he did. He gave me a sign. Someone the right one, said the words I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. My days are looking up now. And I have God to thank. He is my biggest inspiration of all time!


Bianca 04 June, 2009  

they are SUPERRR inspiring!! (my creative heros). love your blog!

kimi 04 June, 2009  

these 2 gals are amazing and love that you are inspired by them as much as i am!! miss ya darling, sorry i have been m.i.a. but slowly getting back to routines!

Suzanne 04 June, 2009  

Pretty in Pink is one of my all time favourite movies EVER! Definitely inspiring...

and don't forget that YOU are inspiring too!

Anonymous,  04 June, 2009  

thanks for this post! and yes, even if we go through rough patches we will overcome! and andie walsh is my inspiration too!