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26 July 2009

happy sunday!!

hello, i am kimi starr. i am very excited to have been asked to guest blog for Annie! i love her to death and have not even met the girl. i can not wait until she moves to the states so i can finally meet her in person!! she is totally inspiring and creative!

i am going to talk a little about my photography and my etsy shop.

my parents first bought me a digital camera for christmas 2002. i had just moved to colorado and digital cameras were just becoming popular. i started with taking pictures of my dog lucy...then i got a job working with a photography company doing school and sports photography. i was just a assistant, but got to work hands on with the kids and setting up and taking down of the studio equipment. i was excited to get up at 3 am some days to drive to some of the most beautiful areas of colorado. i did not have a lot of experience and most of the time did not take photographs of my favorite places. (boy have i learned my lesson).

after i moved back to las vegas, nv i started taking pictures of friends and family for a little extra cash. i just had a little point and shoot camera, but enjoyed every minute.

in the may 2004, i went to mammoth, ca and that started my love for nature and scenic photography. i got a lot of positive response to my photography and started to do it a little more. in the fall i had the opportunity to take photos for a music magazine in vegas. this lead to meeting bands and putting 2 loves together. photography and music. unfortunately, this opportunity did not take off, but it did open doors to a different type of photography. here are a few of my band photographs.
this is a good friend's boyfriends band. they are no longer together, but one of my photographs is still on their page. Check them out: By Deaths Design.

here are some images from when i first starting shooting

since then, i have started using photoshop to edit my pictures and stopped over processing them.

in april of this year, i had the opportunity to participate in a craft show. this was my first craft show and my first time showing my work matted and ready to sell to the public. i got a lot of great feedback, but it was a lot of work.

my word of advice to starting up photographers is...take lots of pictures. take them everywhere you go, play with angles, play with textures. some of my favorite images are ones that were taken on a whim. take pictures of stuff you love! you won't be able to please everyone with some photographs, but they might just like one. do it to make you happy and not anyone else.

also, promote! with popular websites out today that allow for networking, it is much easier than it was 7 years ago. my photography myspace has over 400 friends, but i am never on there. i leave it up there, just in case i want to hit the myspace crowd. today, i mostly use these ways to promote:
Simple Curiosities of Kimi Starr
my Twitter

and lastly, before my battery dies...:) some pictures from my trip to montana

thanks for stopping by and add me to the things above and say hi! :)

again! thanks annie for letting me guest blog!

xoxo kimi starr


Vivianna 29 July, 2009  

oh Kimi- I love all your photos