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31 July 2009

Some KC ETSY love!

I wanted to give one of my etsy teams some much needed love and attention, as I've been pretty absent (due to health) but am totally excited for this year!! Here are some of my favourites from our group, if you're in the KC Etsy Team always make sure to tag your items "KCETSY**" it makes it really easy to find you. **Please note: the team tag is actually KCETSYTEAM these days, so update your tags and if you're adding more items just remember to use the new tag. :)

My Coffee Cup Sleeve Mini Book Kit

I actually want this for my home someday!
Vintage Sewing Drawer in Teal,

Love in the Air Tin,

I'm in love with this print.
Parade Print, MultiplePersonality

Retro Hair Bobbies,

J'adore this print! This would look great in a little boy's room/nursery!!
Jonah Print,

Eco Friendly Girl,

Pink sugar Olive Par - Vegan,

*These are just a FEW of the great find I found when searching KCETSY. There are many many many GREAT finds out there.
Today is FRIDAY! and that is my absolute favourite day and night. I feel so inspired and relaxed. Some things to look for from me coming soon:

- BLOG GIVEAWAY with KC ETSY (keep your eye on this blog :))
- A series of beautiful paintings, all sorts of styles
- Possibly, an Audrey Hepburn painting
- More photos.
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